VFC US SOCOM M3 MAAWS 65MM Rubber Bullets 10pcs Set (Pre-Order)

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For VFC M3 MAAWS "Titan" AIRSOFT 65mm discarding capsule launcher set ONLY.
For VFC US SOCOM M3 MAAWS "Carl-Gustav" AIRSOFT grenade launcher ONLY.
Read manual before using!

● Product Brand : VFC (Taiwan)
● Material : Nylon.

Product content:
● Discarding Capsule x10

● The multi-purpose capsule is two piece(left and right), combined into a spherical with a diameter of 65mm, covering the launching object.
● The capsule and the content object are fired together, the discarding capsule falls off during the flight, and the launching object reaches the target point.
● The capsule of the sphere is the same size as a tennis ball, and about 700 rounds of BB can be placed in it.