Tactical Tricorn Hat v1

Poppins Patches

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New original hats from Poppins Patches. We designed new hats for the airsoft and reenactor communities and fans of Mel Gibsons The Patriot. Hats feature two patch real estate, or loop material, squares on the front for your favorite Poppins brand Patches, a loop area for name tapes, and a loop area designed with your Exfog brand devices in mind. Stand out on the field with something besides your run-of-the-mill baseball hat with three great colors to match nearly every event's uniform requirements.

***You will need to iron the hats after they arrive in the mail as they get a bit squished in the mail. Use the setting on your iron for polyester. **&

If dirty wash gently by hand with warm water. 

Please be careful when selecting the right hat size. 

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