MAGA Tactical Tricorne Hat

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Tuesday Nov 15th 2022, 45th President Donald Trump announced he would be running again for the office of the President of the United States.  Election season for 2024 and the second meme wars have no begun. Show your support for the America First movement with one of our suicidal edition Tactical Tricorne Hats in MAGA red and embroidered with the popular phrase "Make America Great Again" and watch the blue haired types seeth. So tell your friends where they can get this great modern patriotic spin on an classic American headpiece. 


Our new version 2 Tactical Tricorn hats are now available. What are the improvements you ask?  


Improvements in spaceing and sewing

Introduces new Black color

Cotton/ Polyester Mix fabric

Snap Buttons replacing sewn sides

Non reflective molle style strip

Logo pressed into rear female Hook-&-Loop fabric

Improved sweatband sewn into the hat crown

Doubles as an excellent sun or rain hat when buttons are unsnapped!