AceTech Blaster Compact Rechargeable Tracer Unit

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All new Blaster tracer unit features three different settings, "Tracer", "Flame", and dual modes!

Flame mode simulates a bright muzzle flash to help add a little bit of realism to your airsoft gun!

Support both green and gel BBs for multiple options

Automatic sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity

Lithium battery design, can supply 20,000 rounds with one charge

Support up to 35PRS burst speed while still being brighter than ordinary illuminators

Made in Taiwan with FCC, CE, and ROHS certification

Manufacturer: AceTech


Color: Black



Dimensions (L x D): 76mm x 32mm

Weight (Without Converter): 70g

Thread Direction: 14mm CCW (Negative)

Burst Speed: Up to 35PRS

Certificates: FCC, CE, and ROHS

Battery Specs: Li-Ion, charging time 2.5 hours, last for 20,000 shots

BB Compatibility: Supports green tracer BBs and water BBs, does not support red tracer BBs

Package Includes: 1x Blaster Tracer Unit, 1x M14 CCW to M11 CW Threaded Adapter, 1x MicroUSB Charging Cable, 1x Manual



Disclaimer: Do not shine directly into human eyes. Not a toy. Keep away from Children.



Acetk Corp Ltd. (Acetech) is the Airsoft accessory manufacturer who specializes in airsoft tracer units, chronographs, airsoft gun controlling system and auto target system. Acetech exports products worldwide.