Acetech Bifrost Tracer/Muzzle Device

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ACETECH has been leading the industry in the tracer unit segment with unique design and innovative technology. The Bifrost M is their new breakout product and is a prime example of this. The Bifrost M uses a unique compact design that features an aggressive looking front end to set itself apart from many that are currently available on the market! The Bifrost M is threaded 14mm CCW.


Internally, the Brighter M is packed with great technology. Along with its base function of being a tracer unit, it also features front facing LEDs to simulate muzzle flash. This muzzle flash mode can even be used as a standalone feature along with the two other modes: tracer only and tracer + muzzle flash combo. It also comes standard with their intelligent power control. It will enter sleep mode after five minutes of being idle and will instantly wake upon shaking it. However, where the Bifrost differs from others, even in ACETECH's own lineup, is the ability to have a multi-color effect. As you shoot, your tracer unit can project a different color upon your BBs giving it a rainbow line of BBs coming out of your tracer unit!






14mm CCW



Feature Set:


Intelligent Power Control

Programmable Modes: Tracer with Flame, Flame only, Tracer only

Multi-Color Effect works with White BBs and Green Tracer BBs (white works best)

Suitable with Airsoft BB, Tracer BBs, and Gel Ball





x1 ACETECH Bifrost Tracer Unit (M14CCW) w/ Multi Color Flame Effect (RGB Rainbow) - BK

x1 USB Cable